lundi 5 mars 2012

Some newbies

Byzantines créoles perle ancienne opalescente et laiton vieilli boucles d'oreille

I'm still struggling with my pictures... How to get the patina AND the opalescence of the beads?
Je me bagarre avec mes photos.... comment parvenir à rendre la patine du laiton Et l'opalescence de la perle?

By the way, do these little hoops remind you of something?
ça vous rappelle quelque chose?

Like these ones?
Celles-ci peut-être?

She was sleeping earrings hammered and aged brass

That's because they both came from the same oval brass piece, héhé!
Ce sont les deux pièces du même oval!

5 commentaires:

  1. Those are beautiful, Lucie! I love the contrast if aged patina and luminescent bead.

  2. looooooooooove them indeed !
    The contrasts in the materials are
    just so interesting.

  3. I was just did you get those little borders and you answered my question... I love your work.. And your photography and the simple but primitive feeling backgrounds. ... I think to ge t the beads luminosity it's all about timing with the light .

  4. Absolutely lovely! And the light works. :)

  5. these are very beautiful!! are you using photoshop for you images? you can use the polygon lasso tool to select areas of your item and work on the light while not touching the rest.


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