jeudi 16 septembre 2010

We Swap!

J'admirais depuis déjà longtemps le travail de Lana et lorsqu'elle a proposé une de ses broches sur le site We-Swap, je lui ai à mon tour proposé mes Toupies!!!! C'est là :

Swap between Uloni and LucieTales
crochet brooch out of red, light blue and blue cotton yarn with labyrinth patterns, bumps and brooch bar on the back.

The Toupies earrings are 2 1/2 inches long (6 cm), the handmade earwires are sterling silver and have a coma ending, handformed huge copper caps are nesting those granulated copper beads. They are very light to wear, the copper bead is light weighted : it's a vintage hollow bead. 

4 commentaires:

  1. this is a cool swap )
    thanks a lot, looking forward to get the earrings ))

  2. Hi Lucie...Lovely Swap!Alternative it!
    Yes the old walnut and a corner of the chateau is the view from my atelier and yes I am lucky...we live in the grounds of the chateau in a converted barn but we are 540 km from the seaside...can't have everything lol

  3. Hi Lucie! That is one beautiful swap! I also recently discovered We Swap page and already had my first swap with Dagmara from Poland. I'm waiting for a very beautiful felted flower brooch to arrive any time soon.
    Congratulations on your swap!!!


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