lundi 16 juin 2014

Sea inspired
De la mer

Treasures found when beach combing

glânés au gré de mes déambulations sur la grève

do you remember this unfinished piece?
A fused repoussé shape

Vous rapellez-vous cette pièce non finie? Une forme réalisée avec la technique du repoussé puis fusionnée.

and now it's a ring

c'est maintenant une bague

highly textured, oxidized (sterling silver)
one of a kind ring, I've called it De Profundis

richement texturée et oxydée (argent 925)
pièce unique, je l'ai nommée De Profundis

10 commentaires:

  1. I Love sea finds, but I have to wait for my once a year holiday to get some : ( The ring is stunning, almost looks like a mini starfish in a rock pool.

    1. Marcia, would like some sea finds from my place? I can bring some to you next month! :)

  2. Gorgeous sea inspired jewelries ! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The sea is the best :) Gorgeous ring!

  4. Simply gorgeous, Lucie--your work is sublime.

  5. Beach combing is one of my very favorite ways to spend time. Love your ring!

  6. Your beach finds are exquisite, Lucie - the impact they had on you is reflected beautifully in your work - a mix of you how you see.

  7. Treasures from the sea and from your workbench! Beautiful ring!


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