mercredi 11 août 2010

Je vous présente Lily!
Welcome to Lily!


Et voici Lily! Lily est une très vieille demoiselle qui ne fait pas son âge! Elle aurait pu être la camarade silencieuse de mon arrière grand-mère Blanche!

Here comes Lily! Lily is an elderly Miss who looks very fine. She still has a beautiful figure! She could have been the silent friend of my great grand mother Blanche!

Et pour l'accueillir je lui ai offert son premier collier!

To welcome her properly, I offered her a necklace!

7 commentaires:

  1. Ahhhh she is fabulous Lucy, I love old treasures like Lily, still as beautiful as the day she was brand new!! I hope she's a very good model for you :-)

    What a killer figure she has!! Gorgeous! Hehehehe

  2. Hello Lily! She looks like a very charming lady. :)

  3. :-))))) she is the older sister of my Francine ... and a bit bigger ;-)
    Your jewelry will look fabulous !
    Welcome Lily !

  4. Oh, I love Lily, welcome :)
    I knew it!!!

  5. ..The second of these wonderful dress forms today! I´m beginning to be envious....your lily looks proud to wear this necklace!

  6. lovely, they are hard to find!!!!


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