jeudi 25 octobre 2012

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Travail en cours

Sous mon éclairage d'atelier, une bague en argent en cours...
Under my violent studio light, a sea urchin sterling silver ring on the making
another light, too gray this one, the sanding needs to be done and then I think a dark patina... I don't know yet
sous une autre lumière, plus terne. Les finitions restent à faire, je pense à une patine noire... je ne sais pas encore

Some new earrings, Steel of pearl I've called them, maybe the most "Fancifulesque" I've ever done (I mean the most influenced by Marina's work)

Des nouvelles boucles d'oreille, Nacre et Acier, un mélange de perles du 19e siècle en acier à facettes, de nacre ancienne, de marcassite et de perles plus rustiques. 

here are some silent pictures but the problem is the noise I'm enduring with these heavy works in my street... I don't know about you but I can't bear that kind of noises, just like they're digging out the house, it makes me feel stupid, I just can't think in that noisy environment, I have instinctive reactions, I want to hide in a hole or flee away...

and they say it will be going on during at least 3 weeks.... AAarghhh!!!!

Il ya des travaux dans ma rue et je ne supporte pas ce genre de bruit, je ne sais pas pour vous, mais ce type de bruit, genre ils sont en train d'arracher la maison de la terre, me rend complètement stupide... et des instincts ressortent, j'ai envie de me terrer quelque part en attendant que ça cesse ou fuir le plus loin possible... et ça va encore durer 3 semaines!!! 

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  1. Love those earrings, and the ring is becoming wonderful!

  2. Beautiful rings! :)
    3 weeks is not that long for that kinda work :) Could be worse, could be like 4 months :P

  3. What exquisite creations - I will own something of my own one day!! xxx

  4. I love the ring contemporary!

    And the earrings are really pretty.

    I agree...I can't stand all that kind of noise either...even leaf blowers, mowers and edgers! Ugh. Time for you to use earphones & music. :)

  5. I love that ring Lucie! Congrats!
    As for the street noises try to use some headphones :D

  6. that ring is fabulous! i hate noise made by those street machines too :(

  7. Hoping the noise doesn't slow down your creating too much! The ring is gorgous!

  8. I understan. The farm next to us , there is a young puppy dog, he is outside and cries a lot. Cela m'énerve!!!!!!!!


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