jeudi 11 mai 2017

Quelques nouvelles 
Some news

You've probably noticed my absence from my blog and the lack of new pieces.
For some months now, I've been checking the idiom that says ”when it rains, it pours”.
Last October, I bruised my right foot while simply walking (sesamoidopathy). For those who knew me, they know how much important it is for me to walk every day. It helps to balance my inner self.
In March I bruised my right hand again while simply opening a plastic food container (obviously my two years old injury wasn't properly healed). And these two injuries are coming in between periods of waiting for some medical tests and exams to be done in order to diagnose what is behind the pattern. I'm still not finished with those tests and let's say it's not a serene period, to say the least.

Comme les Anglais disent ”when it rains, it pours”, je ne connais pas d’équivalent en français, et vous? 
Depuis juillet 2016 je traverse une période difficile. 
Pour les lecteurs réguliers et ceux qui me connaissent, vous savez à quel point marcher chaque jour me permettait de m’équilibrer, or en octobre, en marchant, je suis blessée (sésamoïdopathie)
Mi-mars je me suis nouveau blessée à la main droite en ouvrant un tupperware (Récidive des déchirures musculaires d'il y a deux ans). Ces deux blessures arrivent dans le cadre d’un problème de santé plus général, dont des questions de tonicité musculaire, d’équilibre et d’extrême fatiguibilité en seraient les symptômes. Après des mois d'attente, depuis janvier des tests et examens pour un diagnostic sont en cours. 
Bref, ce n'est pas la forme, et c'est un euphémisme.

That is why there has been no new jewellery, no news, no pictures. I still can't work in the studio nor hold a camera nor use my keyboard to write. I'm using a vocal app and sometimes the misunderstandings are quite funny.

Ce qui explique l’absence de nouveautés, de billets sur le blog, car je ne suis pas actuellement en mesure de travailler à l’atelier, ni d'utiliser mon appareil photo, ni mon clavier (j'utilise actuellement un logiciel de dictée, ce qui donne des choses étonnantes). 

After a wordpress adventure, I’ve decided to come back to blogger. My website on wordpress was beautiful but there were some problems of maintenance and also because I didn't recognise myself anymore in this new site.

Since July I've taken a new path. I knew it would be long and difficult and I'm not being deceived. To make it short, till now, I had thought that I could change, that I could learn to be a different person than myself. My mistake. I mistook change for improvement, or is it the reverse? You know these simple aphorisms and little humoristic sentences that you can find on your Facebook wall? I remember having read one that went home sometime later  ”Be yourself, everybody else is taken”. So now, for several months, I’m walking along this difficult path of being myself. It’s a struggle, it’s painful, sometime I’m desperate but it’s the only way and I’m determined to go on. 

So no new jewellery for now, these pictures are of the pieces available on my etsy shop, ready to be shipped with the precious help of my dear Mr Tales.
Thank you to all that are supporting me, I won't name them, they know who they are.  Thanks to them I am here.

Vous aurez aussi remarqué d'autres changements. Le beau site Internet sur Word Press n’existe plus. Pour plusieurs raisons : de viabilité, de maintenance, mais aussi parce que le chemin que j'ai emprunté depuis juillet m’amène À des modifications plus profondes. Donc retour à blogger et Etsy.

Pas de nouveautés mais en attendant, les bijoux que je présente à nouveau dans ce billet sont disponibles sur Etsy et prêts à l'envoi avec l'aide ô combien précieuse et indispensable de Mr. Tales.
Merci à tous ceux qui me soutiennent, leur compréhension me fait tenir debout. Je ne les cite pas, ils se reconnaîtront.

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  1. Lucy, big hugs to you! What a painful situation to be in. I wish you a 'turn of events' in the most postive of ways.

    Be yourself, as you are indeed a lovely individual.

  2. Dear Lucie, sorry to hear of this ordeal. In some funny way I can grasp and understand where you are at, it rings a memory for me. Stay strong and follow your heart. And yes, Dawn is right - you are indeed a lovely individual. xo

  3. Hey sweetie, I'm sending you healing vibes and hugs. Being sick is the worst, and I think us artists are especially prone to it. Just know you're not alone and you're doing the best you can at being you.
    Everything here is so, so beautiful!

  4. Oh, Lucie! I sincerely hope that the tests will show why you keep damaging yourself and how to cure the problem. The journey that you are on might be difficult but worth it. Hugs to you and wishing you lots of strength!
    .... And yes, Dawn is right!!!!!

  5. Dawn, Margot, Louise, Marina, Eva : Thank you so much my dear friends, your support and kind words mean a lot to me, particularly at this difficult time XXX


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